Should SEO Matter To You……

first-page-of-googleSo…you’ve gone to all of the trouble to create site content, your text, images, info-graphics, member areas, e-commerce capability, aesthetic design, figured our enough to actually get it launched and verified by search engines.

Now what? Sit back and wait for the crowds to find and marvel at your site and if you’re in e-commerce, a flood of orders, perhaps new clients via your professional services website or global dominance of your new mobile app that you’ve just developed and launched available. Job done……sit back, watch the money and clients roll in.

Hmmm, your site is on page 16 of a highly relevant Google search, don’t fret, you’ve just launched the site and Google ranking engines haven’t yet discovered and began re-ranking your marvellous site, right?

Month or two later,… you’re on page 20 of the results from the same highly relevant and focused Google search, perhaps you’re missing something… what have I overlooked…. my site is incredible, I’m incredible, no one knows of my brilliance, I’m slipping of the edge of the interverse (no idea either.. made this up), into oblivion … job done, right?

So…. should SEO matter to you? Answer : It’s critical to your SERPs positions!

You may think the simple solution is to pay for Goolge Ads, simple fact is that 70% site hits are from organic results as opposed to expensive paid  for Goolge Ads; save your money and sort out your SEO!

So what’s important in getting near the top of the SEO rankings, well rather a lot of considerations, Google’s latest algorithms , “Fred”, currently look at over 200 factors when creating site ranking lists.

Google at times have made 500 to 600 algorithm changes per year most of which have had very minor effects on ranking results, with occasional major updates such as Penguin, Panda, Fred that DO affect search results in significant ways.

Just Google, Google SEO algorithms and you’ll see what we mean, tons of information there to consume and analyse. One thing that I personally find disquieting is the current “noise” around the view that the Google SE seems to me moving away from its, “give the people what they want” philosophy to one of simply ranking paid for Google Ads with the highest priority; this is dangerously diluting what Google is to everyone to the extent that “e-commercers” are claimed to be deserting Google in droves and simply listing/selling directly on the large selling sites such as Amazon; power of the people, let’s hope it makes a noise!

If you have nothing else to do in your life, by all means try to take the Google ranking algorithms apart, study the SEO volatility weather maps, try to second guess what Google have changed in the SEO algorithms, there’s a whole industry out there doing this.

Google do NOT publish these changes, it’s a constant guessing game to try to figure out what to do to be ranked numero uno.. I would suggest that you begin by getting the basics right before you get all Sherlock Holmesy over the latest tiny algorithm change!

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Google’s rather uninformative information on SEO can be found here:

….to be continued……

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