Rapid Deployment Of Public Cloud Servers

If our instantly deployable  ‘off-the-self’ costed public cloud based servers do not fit your exact needs, we will help you design the right combination of compute, network, storage, and traffic management services,  so your environment meets your current needs, but also has the flexibility to grow with your business. We will also provide valuable expertise in the things you struggle with the most, including architecting for scale, monitoring, responding to alerts, and running your cloud environment’s operations and administration.

What Our Public Cloud Will Deliver

Our public cloud technology services will provide you with quantifiable results for your business:

  • On-demand resources for new staff
  • Low-cost scalability
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Data centre management
  • Cost efficiencies in public vs. private cloud technology
  • Up-to-date security technology
  • Trained professional support staff 24/7
  • Optimum data backup, storage and recovery option.

Call us today to start working with our experts to migrate your business to cloud-based technology. Reduce your ever increasing variable technology costs and risks. Take advantage of our incredible support on all of your compute, network and storage resources.

  • Specification

  • RAM

  • Disc Space

  • CPUs

  • Entry
  • 600bwp

    Entry Level Server

  • 2GB 

  • 40GB 

  • Medium
  • 1150bwp

    More Power

  • 4GB 

  • 100GB 

  • High
  • 2300bwp

    More Power More Space

  • 8GB 

  • 500GB 

  • C-uper
  • 4200bwp

    More Everything

  • 16GB 

  • 1TB