Infrastructure Management

Delivering an IT service with ever shrinking budgets and a business that always wants more is creating more challenges than ever. Our Service management allows your IT organisation to become more effective by creating the time for you to focus on strategy and projects.

C-NEST’s Service Management capability is an ITIL based, remote managed service, allowing our experts to become virtual members of your own team, delivering reiterative operational services 24x7X365 at significantly lower costs than adding to your own internal resource.

How it works

24×7 monitoring: With Service Management, C-NEST effectively become another member of your IT team. Our skilled experts will proactively monitor and manage your systems 24×7, pre-empting any potential problems before they arise.

Daily tasks: Our ITIL-based service means that our team will take care of those everyday operational tasks, ultimately freeing up your time to focus on projects that really add value to your business.

Reporting: Depending on the package you select, C-NEST will also submit a monthly report outlining the health of your systems and any improvements that could be made.

C-NEST has a reputation for exceptional service delivery – we don’t let our customers down.

Service Benefits


Free up your valuable IT resources to focus on business development projects rather than the day-to-day tasks.


Take control of your IT spend – pay monthly, and scale the service up or down when you need to.


Uplift your IT service to 24×7 without the cost and pain of running a 24×7 team.


Know your data is completely secure with our ISO27001 certification.


Exceeds your SLAs by using our experienced Service Management team.