Hosting your servers with us ensures that you are compliant with the new Botswana Data Protection Act (effective Oct 2021 with 1yr grace period prior to full enactment)  and that your sensitive data remains within Botswana borders.

Our Datacentre is located in Gaborone. If you operate backups, cloud servers or web applications hosted in Europe/USA or Asia, your service will be at the mercy of a number of providers, including; undersea-cable providers, international-ISPs and international infrastructure-providers increasing the number of potential points-of-failure exponentially.

Host in Botswana and mitigate these risks!

Faster Time to Market

Deploy in days, not months.

Deploying a dedicated or virtual private cloud will empower your IT team to do more and perform better. Spend less time manually configuring routing tables and servers and more time on helping you grow your business.

Stay Completely in Control

Ability to scale overall resources and VMs easily.

The ability of your compute layer to handle urgent needs is the definition of business agility. With Ctrtix HyperVisor and CloudStack, you can allocate storage, memory, and compute resources, deploy a new VM in seconds, change the rules for a firewall, and more. You have the control over your system.

Flexible economics

Only buy the resources you need.

Enterprises need predictability in pricing. That’s why the various mega-cloud solutions out there are often a poor choice for a large organization; the costs are variable and depend entirely on usage. With our private cloud options, your bill will never be a surprise.

Managed any way you want.

We manage it, you manage it, we cmanage together.

At Nashua NEST we are completely flexible regarding the management of your Private Cloud and we are more than ready to provide 100% managed services for your Dedicated or Virtual Private Cloud.

Public Cloud Hosting Overview

Our Public Cloud models support virtually unlimited scalability. Resources are offered on demand and any changes in activity level can easily be handled. Nashua NEST public clouds employ a network of servers; meaning that if any of our servers completely fails, the processing load is simply distributed among our other servers thus eliminating ‘server downtime’

Setting up and maintaining an in house server takes a considerable amount of time and money. Within Nashua NEST’s public everything is virtualized, configuring and deploying a server within the cloud takes minutes. Also there are multiple several servers and potentially data centers being used so if one fails another is activated, this happens without you even being aware of it.

A public cloud is hosted off site; this means that the responsibility of maintaining the server, ensuring availability and keeping software components current falls on Nashu NEST as your Public Cloud server provide and not on your own internal IT employees.

• Many of the same capabilities of dedicated servers

• Resize and scale your VMs up or down and any time

• Enhanced resilience against downtime

• Deploy in minutes and pay for only what you use..


Private Cloud Hosting Overview

Private cloud hosting is a single-tenant computing environment hosted and managed by Nashu NEST. Each enterprise-class Private Cloud is powered by Citrix and CloudStack technology, and built on top of our secure, 24/7 supported platform.

Nashua NESTs Private Clouds offer higher levels of security primarily because the data storage, hardware and networks are designed to ensure security levels that completely disallow access to these resources by people outside of the Private Cloud deployment structure.

Since the Private Cloud, whether on-premise or with the Nashua NESTs data centres, is exclusively for use by the cloud consumer, you can be in charge of maintaining and monitoring their own data as well as their virtual infrastructure. Increased control also allows the consumer to tailor the cloud to its own preferences.

Both On-Premise Private Clouds and Dedicated Private Clouds can offer improved performance over the shared resources model of Public Clouds. That said, Nashu NESTs Virtual Private Clouds certainly leverage the complexity and security of our Dedicated Private Clouds.

• 100% built from dedicated, single-tenant hardware nodes.

• Custom-designed and purpose-built, we work with you to deploy.

• Unlimited virtual machines; no additional cost per VM.

• Scale resources up by adding nodes.


• Logical division of Nashua NESTS’s cloud environment.

• Deploy in real time; granular resource allocations.

• Unlimited virtual machines; no additional cost per VM.

• Scale resources up by adjusting settings..


Hybrid Cloud Hosting Overview

Most people associate traditional public cloud service with elastic scalability and the ability to handle constant shifts in demand. However, performance issues can arise for certain data-intensive or high-availability workloads.

Nashua NEST’s hybrid cloud combines bare-metal and virtualized clouds into a unified environment allowing your business to optimize for scale, performance and cost simultaneously.

• The Ability to Leverage Both Public and Private Cloud

• Overall Cost Savings, allows companies to bridge the gap between old and new systems

• Cost efficiency; Better align your cost structure with your end-user demand by utilizing bare-metal servers for predictable workloads and elastic scalability of virtual servers for cloud bursting.

• Security; by using a hybrid cloud, businesses are able to maintain in-house storage for sensitive operations.