NEST’s Security Awareness Training

The only behaviour driven security awareness platform that delivers security training in real-time.

Enterprise Grade Security Awareness Training (SAT) and
Phishing Simulation.

Our solution is an indispensable ally for SME to enterprise clients looking to fortify and elevate their cybersecurity training through enterprise grade Security Awareness Training (SAT) and phishing simulation solutions,

NEST is delighted to be able to offer our clients an unparalleled service at an unbeatable price. NEST’s SafeTitan solution is unlike any other SAT product, with new and improved features that are redefining cybersecurity excellence.

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 Our Security Awareness Training Features Overview

Behaviour Diven Security Awareness

Kickstart security awareness training based on the specific behaviors of each individual employee.

Phishing Simulation

Fully automated simulated phishing attacks with thousands of templates. Regularly updated phishing template library.

Security Awareness Training

Reinforce your strongest line of defence. Employee behaviour-driven training with an extensive library of training courses, videos & quizzes.


SafeTitan helps companies to comply with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials. SCORM compliant and LMS compatible.


Gamified, interactive and enjoyable security awareness training with short and efficient testing. Testing takes 8-10 minutes ensuring employee productivity.


Enterprise level reporting allows you see ROI. Get a 360 view on the entire organization. Reports available on security awareness training and phishing simulations. Easily digestible for management.

Advanced Security Layer

Employees are the first line of defence, SafeTitan reduces staff susceptibility to phishing by up to 92%.

Real Time Intervention Training

Advanced platform for real-time security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks.


Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft solutions: Outlook, 365, Teams and Azure AD, ADFS, SSO, G-Suite.

Cyber Knowledge Assessements

Conduct assessments on key security and compliance best practices.

Protection From Advanced Email Threats

Protection from advanced security threats; phishing and ransomware attacks, spoofing, CEO impersonations, BEC.

Simple Setup

Suitable for SMBs and enterprises to get set up with SafeTitan in <30 mins and start running phishing simulation campaigns.