SEO Tools We Like…



Here are some of the tools that we use for our analysis and driving the changes and tweaks we make to our site and our client sites.

Most of them have both free and premium/subscription options.

They all provide you with suggestions of the actions that you can take to improve the SEO errors that they highlight either on the sites SEO tool itself or via really detailed links to what the highlighted SEO error actual means in detail and detailed corrective actions that can be taken

Listed them here in particular order of preference so walk through the list, check them out and let me know what you think! Although I will confess my personal favorite is Screaming Frog!


  1. Google Webmaster

One thing you should do for sure is look at how Google sees your website. Google’s Webmaster Tools are easy to use tools that help you understand some basics of Google search.


  1. Check My Links

Broken links are not good and impact your SERPs positions so ensure that your links all work, whether external or internal to your site, have a look at Check My Links and check your site!


  1. MOZ Pro

The Moz Pro subscription is a set of premium SEO tools for increasing your SERPs ranking. These detailed research tools provides paying subscribers with the resources needed to identify SEO opportunities, track your growth, build reporting and optimize your overall SEO efforts. This is the ‘Ferrari’ of SEO tools but they also provide some really useful free stuff here Moz Free SEO.


  1. SEO Report Card

If you provide some basic contact information, SEO Report Card will analyze your website to help you determine how it stacks up against any of you competitors sites.


  1. HubSpot Website Grader

HubSpot’s website grader generates some pretty neat personalized reporting around some key SEO considerations such as security, performance, SEO and mobile readiness. These are free, we advise you to check these out.


  1. Woo Rank

WooRank provides some very useful insights for marketers and provides analysis across more than 70 SEO metrics areas. It would be almost impossible to not uncover some improvement opportunities with these tools. They also provide some neat own-branded PDF report download options.


  1. Screaming Frog

I really like Screaming Frog SEO Spider. The level of detail and the reported information layout is very compact and logical. There is a really useful extrqact to MS Excel option that allows easy further analysis of your detailed results. The spider is downloaded as a Java app and the free version allows crawling of upto 500 URLs. Go for the paid version and this limit is removed and a bunch of further options are available.


  1. Found SEO Tool

This is a really easy to use SEO tool, great for marketers and hghlights some of the more common SEO website mistakes. Found SEO gives you a neat PDF downloadable report that provides technical issues, content issues and external link analysis sections.


  1. Vary SEO Tool

The Vary SEO tool performs a really quick a pretty detailed SEO issues analysis of your site. This tool perforams a reasonably deep SE analysis with really easy to read colour coded results sections. Not my favourite tool but check it out and let me know what you think.