Are You Serious?

Should Facebook Be Your Business ‘Website’?

Look A Real Website


Having a business Facebook page and a business website are not mutually exclusive options.

This is not an ‘either or’ question or a ‘which is best’ question but simply a question about how seriously you take your own business.

My assumption is that you take your own business very seriously (don’t be in business if you don’t!) and I’ve yet to come across a serious business that relies completely on Facebook exclusively, as it’s only or primary on-line presence but please do correct me if I’m wrong.

Firstly let me answer the initial questions – YES and NO!

Used correctly, Facebook is of course a very useful business marketing and awareness generating tool but it is first and foremost a (very leaky) social media platform and now a dating site it seems. Further, remember you DO NOT OWN Facebook, your business ‘website’ exists there for free at the mercy of Facebook and can be removed forever, whenever Facebook so choose – so where’s your business on-line presence now?

In this multi-platform, multi-channel multiverse, rather; regard Facebook as one of the many marketing tools dangling as spokes from your central, ‘in control’ hub that is YOUR website that YOU own:


Facebook is beyond saturated with noise, the competition for any visibility is fierce and only worsening (and this is despite Facebook’s best efforts to ‘straight jacket’ you to and have you believe in the worthiness of their platform) – a recent study of almost 900 million posts showed that the average number of engagements with brand created posts on Facebook has dropped by more that 20% – the ridiculous quantity of ‘noise’ being created on Facebook is basically greater than the time there is to absorb it; beyond saturation! So, this is the only and chaotic world in which you want your serious business to exist and to be forever trying to compete? …..Sounds like a plan ……..?

Granted, Facebook are trying, tirelessly attempting to ‘innovate’ to get you to believe that their portal is absolutely critical to your business; bottom line – they can throw all of the ‘insights’ and ‘analytics’ as tools at this as they like and buy up every other ‘social media/sharing’ platform out there but remember they own all of it – they own your on-line presence and all of your data. Get your own website, it’s simple and not all expensive!

All Facebook business pages look pretty well identical

Unsurprisingly they look like Facebook – so how can you inform your clients of your vision, your brand, your unique selling and service points, your expertise, your staff, your facilities, easily capture prospects email details (oh, email provides the highest ROI for marketers and is still the best marketing tool!) etc etc etc – Get your own website, it’s simple and not all expensive!

We are not advocating abandoning any of these social media platforms at all, far from it, it makes complete sense that you gain exposure to target clients on the platforms and resources on which they spend a lot of their time, be that Facebook or any other social/sharing platform.

We are simply advocating that as a serious business you owe it to yourself to have YOUR OWN on-line presence over which you have complete control – your WEBSITE  – and to which you can direct potential clients from the many spokes of your marketing efforts and via which you can hopefully convert your prospects to actual clients.


… at C-NEST we’ve made it incredibly easy and inexpensive to create your OWN WEBSITE and on-line presence here in Botswana. If would like to know more GET IN TOUCH with us, our advice is free!

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