Availability Solutions For Every Business

Disaster recovery and backup strategies are business imperatives. Remember, it’s never too early to implement effective solutions but it can be TOO LATE.

We understand that each organisation is different and we have a portfolio of technology partners that enable us to design the most basic or complex cloud Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions to meet all of your disaster recovery strategies.

We have designed and implemented Veeam, VDP and NAKIVO solutions across VMware, Hyper-V, open source hyper-visors and real server infrastructures for SMEs to large corporations here in Botswana. We are provide a ‘hands on’ white-glove service and work with you to ensure we deliver the most cost effective, secure and tested cloud backup and recovery solutions.

We can assist in determining your business objectives for choosing a replication or backup strategy and in giving you a clear understanding of the differences between disaster recovery and business continuity, between full back-ups, incremental backups and differential backups.

Our cloud backup and recovery services all operate from our own secure Botswana based data-center with 24/7 support and unrivaled local technical expertise.


Continuous Recovery
White Glove

Why Cloud DR?

Our Cloud Services portfolio provides organisations of any size access to fully resilient, highly available infrastructure platforms.  Our customers have the peace of mind to be able to run their most mission critical workloads in the cloud.

If needed, our Virtual Disaster Recovery extends this further by continuously replicating virtual machines to a secondary cloud infrastructure in a geographically diverse datacentre. With guaranteed Recovery Point (RPO) and Recovery Time (RTO) objectives, our customers can relax knowing that their business is protected 24/7/365.

Solution Features

  • Highly efficient : inherent data compression and deduplication

  • Designed for multi-tiered Enterprise Applications

  • Integration with VMware vSphere, vCloud and Microsoft Hyper-V based platforms

  • Data corruption protection via Journal based point-in-time restore capability

  • Non-intrusive DR testing and optional full annual DR testing

  • Storage agnostic Hypervisor based replication

  • Combine backup and disaster recovery into one single, cohesive, cloud based solution

  • Agentless technology and simple deployment model

Benefit to Business

Regular Non-Intrusive DR Testing

Ensure compliance; test your DR plan by failing over to up to date copies of your production environment. Your production servers are not affected and operate as normal during testing.

Flexible and Fully Customisable

Our disaster Recovery solution is designed for multi-tiered enterprise applications allowing you to group servers together based on criteria that you define. We’ll ensure that your servers fail-over in the order you specify.

1st Class Consultancy and Support

C-NEST has experienced and highly skilled DR Solution Architects dedicated to assisting with the creation of your DR plan.
24/7/365 Support with experts on hand to assist your business with DR testing and manage your recovery in the event of a real disaster, ensuring rapid recovery of your business.

Simple and Affordable

Our Virtual Disaster Recover is significantly cheaper than traditional disaster recovery solutions. No need to invest in expensive mirror infrastructure, simply pay for the resources you consume without having to over-provision and waste resources.

Our DR Service is FULLY automated which means we’ll manage the fail-over and fail-back of your systems, allowing you to focus on your business operations.

Rapid and Measurable Recovery With Enterprise SLA’s

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are the two key criteria in determining how quickly you can recover from a disaster. We’ll fail you over to our secondary datacentre within 1 Hour of invoking DR while ensuring that your data is up to date to within the last 10 minutes before the event.

Anywhere Access

In the event of DR we will ensure that your workforce is able to access your systems, no matter where they are. Nashua NEST are Managed Network specialists also so we can design a solution specific to the access requirements of any size business.

Hybrid Cloud Support

Whether you run your servers on our Enterprise Cloud or one of our dedicated Private Clouds we’ve got you covered, our DR Service fully integrates with both solutions offering total flexibility.

  • Your company infrastructure can easily be rebuilt in the event of a disaster
  • Your business is not highly reliant on application or web-services availability
  • Your measured RPO and RTO do not exceed the expected rate
  • You have an in-house disaster recovery specialist
  • You need a robust but less expensive solution


  • Your company infrastructure consists of multiple parts that can’t be easily reassembled in case of a disaster
  • You business depends on high availability applications and/or web-services
  • The amount of data you generate is increasing month-on-month
  • You’ have generalists to deal with a lot of different tasks
  • You can accept the additional cost of this level of protection and continuity


Global Data Wars

This is one of the best live cyber attack maps it shows the extent to which our data and systems are constantly under attack, it’s dangerous out there. Your business, your systems and your data are constantly at risk from all kinds of  automated malware and ransom-ware attacks which are endlessly evolving and spreading across the entire globe and this includes to our businesses here in Botswana.

Our advice: if you take your business seriously you must take the backup and recoverability of your data and systems just as seriously, backup everything, replicate the critical.

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